World Citizens urged to speed up work at climate convention

Citizens urged to speed up work at climate convention


Emmanuel Macron was interviewed, Friday, January 10, by the 150 French drawn to participate in the Citizen Convention for the climate.
Emmanuel Macron was interviewed, Friday, January 10, by the 150 French drawn to participate in the Citizen Convention for the climate. YOAN VALAT / AFP

"If you can connect more often and more, it would be great! " One last piece of advice, one last encouragement and an injunction to consult the internal messaging system where numerous documents are available, launched with a smile by Thierry Pech, co-president of the citizens' convention for the climate, Sunday, January 12, in the middle of the afternoon , to the 150 members of the assembly, after three days of work and before they return home, to the four corners of France.

At the end of their fourth meeting, the 150 members of this unprecedented assembly no longer have much choice. They will have to speed up their work, probably work more than they already do, if they want to be ready to make their proposals which are expected for the weekend of April 3 and 4. Their mission? Suggest "Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030 in a logic of social justice".

Expected, even watched because the President of the Republic, coming to visit them at the end of the day, Friday, put them under pressure. Reassuring them of the commitment he had made in launching this convention, on April 25, 2019, to resume "Without filter" the measures that citizens would develop, he nevertheless made it clear that this required that they be "Precise, clear and detailed". What Thierry Pech did not fail to remind them, at the end of the weekend: " Will be "without filter" which cannot be changed. It has to be precise, clear and funded to show that this is possible. "

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After four working sessions, while there are still two weekends – in February and March – before the final session, we are still far from the mark. The 150 citizens, drawn by lot and who, therefore, are in no way specialists in climate and environmental issues, are still in the expertise, training and exchange. However, as the co-chair of the Convention has again stated, "We will have to make choices, get down to writing and decide tomorrow what should be in public policy".

Still general ideas

The five working groups – feeding, producing / working, moving around, finding accommodation, consuming – are progressing in their reflections and, already, avenues were presented, as of the third session, on November 17. Many of these proposals, which have been reworked, should be included in the measures ultimately adopted. But citizens must confront them with what already exists. Because, in workshops, it is not uncommon to hear measures already put in place. Thus, in the working group entitled “the squad”, a transverse group which must work on the Constitution, questions of financing or even biodiversity, issues which are not linked to any of the five thematic groups, the idea has advanced environmental police with sanctioning power, which already exists, notably at the National Forest Office.


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