Citizenship income, Bersani in La7: “Employable is a metaphysical word. But what are we talking about? With 10% inflation it will be difficult to find work”

“The signals of the maneuver of the Meloni government are basically two: fiscal laxity and war on the poor. Correct the basic income as well, but if, while poverty grows, you think you can get by 700 million euros to put them on the flat tax, you are completely off track. Here is one insincere and ideological gaze over the country”. Thus, a “Half past eight” (La7), Pier Luigi Bersani harshly criticizes the maneuver of the Meloni government, focusing in particular on the changes to Basic income.

The former LeU deputy explains: “We have inflation at 10%, which is a real asset on the weakest sections of the population and on a part of the world of work. That 10% there also affects schools, health care, basic services, things that the finance company does not deal with, because 10% inflation means a 10% cut. We are perhaps in a pre-recession situation. Let’s hope not – he continues – but in any case it is a situation of economic weakening. It will not be easy to find work. What do you tell me ’employable’? Employable is a metaphysical word, because we are talking about people of working age who cannot find work or find it paid below the poverty line. But employable from what? What are we talking about? Where are these people going here? Here is hatred of poverty“.

Bersani then quotes two lines from the poem “Works and days” of the poet Hesiod : “When a Prime Minister during the electoral campaign says that the basic income is state methadoneis describing the perceivers as gods drug addicts on the sofa. And at this point I give Meloni a school reminiscence. Hesiod, in the seventh century BC, wrote: “Never dare hold a man in the face of accursed poverty that consumes the heart”. Do we want to go back to the eighteenth century BC? – he concludes – Meloni ask Caritas and social canteens to explain what is happening here. Does the citizen’s income need checks? Then do these checks. For example, now there’s a lot of people who won’t sleep at night until Augustgiven that they will remove the basic income from August. Do you realize this? And where will these people hit their heads until August?”.

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