Citizenship income, the squeeze arrives: what changes and who will lose it – Economy

Stricter rules for the Basic income. The tight it is the result of a vote in the House committees on an amendment presented by the center-right forces which received the vote against by the 5 Star Movement. Therefore, a new front of controversy is emerging within a majority that has been rather shaky in recent times.

Hinge of the amendment voted in the committees is the additionin the calculation of waste that can cost the loss of benefits, of the No to a suitable offer on direct call from a private employer, which is therefore “equated” to an employment center. Appropriate offers can be proposed “directly by private employers” to beneficiaries who sign the Pact for work (which includes the obligation to accept at least one of three). The private employer then communicates the refusal to the employment center for the purposes of forfeiture. Practically, after two no to “congruous” offers, from now on both public and private, one will necessarily be forced to accept, under penalty of forfeiture of the benefit. The measure, in the intentions of those who proposed it, aims to solve the problem of labor shortages, especially in the tourism and hospitality sectors. The measure is immediately enforceable.

The reactions

A standard that Forza Italia does not hesitate to define “spazzadivani” and that for the League it will be useful to find workers especially now that the summer season begins. According to the center-right forces, ready to take up the demands of entrepreneurs, income represents a deterrent to the acceptance of new jobs which would result in the lack of waiters, lifeguards and bartenders. Hence, therefore, the amendments, identical, presented by us with Italy, FdI, Lega, Forza Italia and the Mixed group. The 5 Star Movement voted against, but in the Commission, probably also thanks to the wee hours, no dangerous diplomatic incident took place. Even if, in the morning of today, Saturday 2 July, the pentastellata senator Barbara Floridia, candidate in the primaries for the so-called “wide field” in view of the Sicilian Regionals, has raised a wall on the issue. “Citizenship income is a complex measure that can be improved – he said, answering a question in which he asked about the possibility of a dialogue with Italia Viva, Action and + Europe – but with those who question this measure, not only revolutionary but saving, we have nothing to say “