City Council approves credit request for 184 million pesos – El Sol de Irapuato

IRAPUATO, Gto. (OEM-Informex).- The Irapuato City Council approved by majority the request for a loan for 184 million 38 thousand 148 pesos and 11 centswhich will be invested to the construction of two new avenues in the southwestern areawhich will benefit more than 90 thousand people directlyof at least 19 colonies.

Lorena Alfaro García, municipal president of Irapuatosaid that while some councilors were concerned about the amount that will be paid annually for the application for this credit, she was busy with how to bring development to that area that has been abandoned for years, but at the same time it is having a population growth, for which the opportunity to bring them basic services and development could not continue to be postponed any longer.

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And it is that the credit will be applied in the modernization of Independencia avenuein his section of the Las Águilas avenue to Denia streeton the spring cologneas well as the construction of the Gabriel Garcia Marquez avenuewhich would run from the Gerardo Murillo avenue to Girasol street (Farmers)which would detonr development in this area.

The investment will go to an area of ​​high marginalization and high priority for attentionthe people who live there are not going to get ahead with a pantry or with a patronage program, the people who live there need infrastructure to live better, they need roads, drainage, public lighting, It is a densely populated area.explained the municipal president before the members of the City hallwho pointed out that many were concerned about the issue of debt contractingbut they were not concerned that these people right now did not have basic services and yet that is how they have led their lives.

Lorena Alfaro justified the credit requestbecause currently the finances of the municipality are healthy and not for nothing are they recognized, as well by the international rating agency Fitch Ratingsal give you the highest rating that can be considered for a municipality, la AAA+.

For his part, heCouncilor Rocío Jiménez Chávez He said that this requested credit would be paid with the resource of the federal participations, for which they would not be increasing taxes nor creating new ones to pay for this resource.

Con four votes against and 11 in favorthe City Council approved this loan applicationwhich will now go to State Congressfor your approval and concretion.

It is worth mentioning that the inhabitants of some of the neighborhoods through which the two new roads to be built will pass held a demonstration at the City Hallto express their approval of this credit request, since they said that they will be works that they had requested for years and that they will finally be completed.