City hall assessed 49 properties with dengue outbreaks in 2022 — Araraquara City Hall

Following the objective of intensifying actions to combat Aedes aegypti and containing the dengue epidemic in Araraquara, the City Hall has already issued in 2022 a total of 49 infraction notices in properties with mosquito breeding sites. Still in the fifth month of the year, the brand already exceeds the number of 28 documents issued throughout 2021.

Alessandra Cristina do Nascimento, vector control manager, points out that the assessments are subject to resources, but can be converted into fines. “The fine is applied according to the quantity and size of the container, but that is not the purpose of Vector Control. The agent is there to guide, clarify and help the population. The infraction notices are for cases of negligence. It is important that the resident understands the importance of allowing the inspection, as well as not keeping possible breeding sites in their home, putting at risk not only their family members, but the entire local population”, he explains.

According to figures released this Tuesday (10) by the Surveillance, in the year 2022 there were 6,720 confirmed cases of dengue. There were 150 cases in January, 702 cases in February, 3,831 in March, 2,007 in April and 30 in May. This year, ten deaths caused by dengue were recorded in Araraquara.

The symptoms of dengue are fever, body ache, headache, pain behind the eyes and spots on the body. When the patient seeks care, he must bring his ID card, SUS card and proof of address with zip code.

This Wednesday’s Schedule

This Wednesday (11), Epidemiological Surveillance agents to combat endemic diseases will carry out house-to-house inspections in search of possible breeding sites in the neighborhoods of Vila Xavier, São Geraldo, Jardim Eliana, Jardim Uirapuru and Jardim Imperador. The nebulization will pass through the Selmi Dei, while the smoke will be carried out in the Selmi Dei V.

Due to the fact that 80% of dengue breeding sites are in residences, the City Hall visits an average of 30,000 houses per month and in half of them the work is not completed due to lack of authorization for entry.

The Epidemiological Surveillance agents to combat endemic diseases always work in uniform, with a gray shirt and brown vest, in addition to circulating in official cars. It is important to note the agent’s identification and authorize their entry. In case of doubt, the resident can also call Vector Control, at 3303-3123 and 3303-3124. More information can be obtained by calling the Epidemiological Surveillance Ombudsman, which is 0800-7740440, or on WhatsApp from the City Hall, (16) 99760-1190.

It is worth remembering that the irregular disposal of garbage, solid waste, bulky (sofas, armchairs and mattresses) and fires in urban and rural areas also cause damage to health and the environment. Complaints to official bodies can be made by calling 0800 770 1595.


The Dengue Care Center works at the field hospital, daily, including weekends and holidays, from 7 am to 9 pm. And all health units in the municipality also attend suspected cases of dengue – the posts are open from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, and the UPAs, 24 hours a day.

It is worth adding that the Vila Xavier UPA, which since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic exclusively treated cases of the flu syndrome, has already resumed the care of other pathologies, including dengue.