“City Hall” un film de Frederick Wiseman

Blu-ray / DVD combo release: City Hall de Frederick Wiseman

More than fifty years after his first film, the indefatigable Frederick Wiseman continues to film, record sound, edit and produce his documentaries to portray contemporary America through its various institutions. With modesty and a deep humanism, he pursues his method of patiently grasping without ever intervening the real in all its anti-spectacular singularity in the service of the illustration of the democratic exercise in action at the time when the presidency of Trump sought to do explode this ideal. By choosing to film his hometown for the first time in his filmography, Frederick Wiseman will seek hope in action from the democratic ideal of a municipality which is developing a whole ambitious program to fight against discrimination and to fully include it at the heart of society all minorities. Wiseman’s method of directing is always effective by favoring the choral approach which consists in making follow one another in a judicious and always perfect assembly the long sequences of the various groups in communicative debate between the citizens to take charge of the living together in the city. .

This documentary portrait is fully immersed in the mythology of American cinema, from Capra to Eastwood to Ford when they became interested in the city and the sense of politics inherent in it. Wiseman has the power to summon the greatest fictional tales through his successions of shots filmed patiently with a deep love for Boston, visible in particular in the care given to these street scenes and these houses presenting various architectures. It also shows the exercise of democracy in the last place where, in the USA as in France, its values ​​still have an effective meaning for the citizens: the municipality. At a time when democratic principles are being abused under the pretext of a health emergency, City Hall opens the hope of putting it into practice at the scale of a large city.

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City Hall
de Frederick Wiseman
USA, 2020.
Duration: 274 min (4h34)
French theatrical release: October 21, 2020
French release of the Blu-ray / DVD combo: May 4, 2021
Format: 1.78 – Color
Language: English – Subtitles: French.
Publisher: Jour2Fête

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