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City Hall warned Muscovites about the danger of swine flu

Head of the Moscow City Government Health Department Alexei Khripun on the radio Komsomolskaya Pravda told which viruses to the residents of the capital should be wary of this fall.
As Khrypun noted, the influenza virus is seasonal in nature and has varieties. Each year, the World Health Organization warns which type of virus will act in a given season. During this period, for example, in Moscow, the arrival of the virus A and B is expected. Including the virus A, H3, N2, H1, N1 (swine flu) viruses.
“A new virus virus strains have been recorded, but the vaccine we receive contains the appropriate agents that can cure the disease,” noted Khrypun.
In addition, the head of health care called on Muscovites to contact the vaccination points and the polyclinic. The minister said that vaccination is not dangerous. The main thing is to consult a doctor before vaccination. A healthy person without temperature and other diseases can do the vaccination.
"The vaccine does not contain a live virus, but fragments of it that carry the antigenic structure. They provoke the development of antibodies in the body that fight the virus. You can’t get the flu from the vaccine, it’s possible," Aleksey Khripun said.
He also noted that children, pregnant women, and people over 60 are at risk. They need to monitor their health first. It is important to know that with a complication, viral pneumonia can turn into a bacterial one, and this in turn can lead to pneumococcal pneumonia, from which you can die.
The minister noted that during his illness he must be at home and follow the bed rest. For your protection and for the safety of others. Facial masks, in turn, are not very effective. Moreover, they must be changed frequently.
Also, the head of the Department noted that you should not come to the vaccination points with your medicine. Since it is not always clear what this tool is and in what conditions it was stored. Khripun noted that domestic products of very good quality are very effective. The minister added that he himself vaccinated every year.
Finally, he said that vaccination at specialized sites is completely free. Only a passport is required. However, children in these places are not vaccinated, they need to be taken to clinics.
Flu shots 2018-2019 in Moscow
WHO reports that in the season 2018-2019, mainly influenza B, as well as influenza A, are expected to be H3N2 and H1N1. The first three viral strains of WHO recommended the inclusion of trivalent influenza vaccines. It is from the strains of these three types of flu that we will be vaccinated in the flu season 2018-1019. And free vaccinations are done in clinics, and in schools, and even at metro stations in the capital (details)


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