City of Mannheim: International business economists for the region

City of Mannheim: International business economists for the region


From April 25th to June 29th this year, the business administration bridging measure was carried out for the seventh time by the economic development of the city of Mannheim. We were again supported, among others, by the employment agencies in Mannheim and Heidelberg, the job centers in Mannheim and Heidelberg, the Welcome Center Rhein-Neckar and the Mannheim evening academy.

Ten business economists from Algeria, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Georgia, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam took part in the course.

At the University of Economics for Management in Mannheim (HdWM), they dealt with current topics such as “Intercultural Management” and “Digital Transformation” as well as “Project Management” and “Labour and Tax Law” in addition to the classic business administration subjects. They also received an overview of SAP applications. The business economists at Heidelberger Diensten gGmbH strengthened their social and communicative skills.

As in previous years, the participants took part in the face-to-face events with great enthusiasm, motivation and a high level of commitment. The international business economists now want to use their newly acquired and refreshed knowledge in the region.

If we have aroused your interest in getting to know the specialists, the Economic Development Agency will be happy to put you in touch with them.

Contact Person:
Department of Economic and Structural Promotion, Rolf Schäfer,
Tel.: 0621 293-3355, E-Mail: [email protected]

Text: Rolf Schäfer (City of Mannheim)