City of Zurich transfers supervision of foundations to the canton

As of July 1, 2022, the City of Zurich will cede the supervision of foundations to the BVG and Foundation Supervision of the Canton of Zurich (BVS).

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In future, municipal foundations will no longer be supervised by the respective municipality, but by the BVS as a matter of principle. This change in practice can be implemented after the amendments to the law on the supervision of BVG and foundations and the introductory law to the Swiss Civil Code passed by the cantonal council.

As of July 1, 2022, the city of Zurich will transfer its supervision of foundations to the BVS of the canton of Zurich. The foundation supervisory authority ensures that the foundation’s assets are used in accordance with their purpose and that the foundations behave in accordance with the rules. The City of Zurich currently oversees a total of 76 foundations.

City Councilor Daniel Leupi emphasizes that the City of Zurich initiated the change that was decided upon and has always supported the canton and the Association of Municipal Councils of the Canton of Zurich (GPV).

The background to the shift in competence in the supervision of foundations are governance considerations and the growing technical requirements for modern and independent foundation supervision, which the City of Zurich believes can be better carried out by the BVS, which specializes in this.

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