City trips to Essen are becoming more popular with tourists

Apparently, Essen attracts more and more tourists. In July there was an increase of almost eight percent compared to the time before Corona, according to current statistics from the country. Essen Marketing attributes this to a lot of advertising.

© Ralf Schultheiss/EMG

More people on city trips in Essen

Essen could never actually complain about a lack of overnight guests. Trade fair and business travelers have reliably occupied the hotel beds in the city before Corona. After the Corona low, the market is now recovering. Also because more and more leisure tourists are now coming to Essen. In July, state statisticians counted 70,000 arrivals. That is an increase of 7.7 percent compared to July 2019 – i.e. the time before Corona. Most leisure tourists come from Germany, but more than a third also come from abroad. The Netherlands, Great Britain and the USA dominate here.

More leisure tourists in Essen

In recent years, Essen Marketing has advertised intensively for city trips to Essen. In other regions of Germany there were poster campaigns, radio spots, social media posts and television advertising. “In some regions there was hardly any way around Essen,” says Florian Hecker from Essen Marketing. Managing Director Richard Röhrhoff adds: “The figures now show that this work is slowly bearing fruit”. Recently, among other things, the 100th anniversary of the Museum Folkwang was intensively advertised.

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