Civil Protection in Sabinas attends damages left by the storm

SabinesCoahuila.- By instructions of the alcaldese Diana Haro Martinez, Civil protection dealt with a series of reports of damage caused by the storm in Sabines, mostly fallen trees and billboards. José Pichardo González coordinator of Civil protectionpointed out that from approximately 10 at night and until 2 in the morning they toured different areas in response to the calls made by citizens.

The most relevant were in the “Lázaro Cárdenas” neighborhood where, from a two-story house, a butane gas tank fell into the neighboring patio and there were families living together, while in the Chapultepec neighborhood the winds toppled a large tree that knocked down a post of the Federal Electricity Commission, so the sector was without service until the problem was solved.

Milano’s announcement fell and it was necessary to cordon off the place and knock down three more trees that were crossed in the street by that same sector while the Jiménez car structure that is by La Madrid, was defeated.

In Villa de Agujita on David Yutani street, the winds blew off a doorway with a tin roof and in the same village, but behind the back of the social security, a palm tree fell on the doorway of a house. For its part, CFE will reconnect during this day, 6 mufas that the wind knocked down. All this was pending alcaldese Diana Haro in immediate attention to the situation presented.