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Civil Rights Group says deputies should not speak at …

Civil Rights Group says the MP should not speak at the conference
Associated Press
18:58 EST, November 9, 2018
19:18 EST, November 9, 2018
TULSA, Okla (AP) – Civil rights activists call on a detective group to recall a speaking invitation to an Oklahoma white officer who was acquitted for shooting an unarmed black man.
The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund sent a letter to the Southeastern Homicide Investigators Association on Friday, expressing its concern that Sherry County Deputy Representative Sherry County would be discussing the issue next week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Survival of the consequences of a critical incident "would speak.
The president of the association, Jen Spears from the Seminole district, Florida, declined to comment on the letter. Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton supports Shelby and says she offers valuable prospects.
Shelby resigned from the Tulsa Police Department after acquitting Terence Crutcher last year, who had had his hands when Shelby shot him. She argued that she believed Crutcher would grab his SUV.
FILE – In this file shot on August 10, 2017, former Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby is sworn in as a reserve deputy for the Sherers Division of Rogers County, Claremore, Oklahoma, Rogers County Courthouse. Civil rights activists are demanding that a group of homicide detectives give up their invitation to speak with Shelby, a white Oklahoma official who was acquitted of the deadly execution of an unarmed black man. (Jessie Wardarski / Tulsa World via AP, file)
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