Claim of the LPF to Talleres

Given the obvious impossibility of the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium to display a stage according to a match of the LPFas was the one they disputed workshops y Banfieldthe Professional Soccer League communicates that it will take all the measures at its disposal so that episodes of these characteristics are not repeated.

On this occasion, the Gasparini stalls looked untidy and anti-functional due to the presence of a concert stage, within the framework of the match between the Cordovan club and the Drill. It should be noted that the LPF is concerned and engaged in ensuring that the stage for all football matches corresponding to its powers is presented in the best conditions, both for the protagonists and fans present, as well as for viewers who passionately follow the Champions League. of the world. Unfortunately, this premise could not be fulfilled at the Kempes Stadium.

Although the security organizations approved the corresponding measures to avoid any inconvenience, the League must ensure all the comfort of the spectacle of its matches. Therefore, it is essential to safeguard the aesthetic aspects of the matches.

Identical to what was done in other previous cases, the LPF communicates that it will make every effort so that its associates do not incur in oversights that violate the framework of their tournaments.