Clandestine laboratory of supposed natural medicines dismantled

Two people were arrested for not having the permits or the corresponding sanitary controls.

Courtesy GNB | They will be prosecuted for the alleged commission of an attack against public health

For the alleged clandestine production and sale of alleged natural medicines, members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) arrested two citizens identified as Kellys José Méndez Martínez, 39, and Ángel Antonio Delgado González, 62.

According to the commander of Zone N ° 62, Adolfo Rodríguez Cepeda, the pair was captured when they were traveling in a Chevrolet Optra vehicle, color silver, AD768BA plates, in which they allegedly transported, hidden in the compartments, a large quantity of medicines naturals of different sizes and presentations.

After an investigation by soldiers of the Urban Security Detachment (Desur), they found the laboratory located in the center of San Félix, which would be used by the men to carry out their operations without having the proper permits or sanitary controls.

“Given the investigations, our sentinels moved to a commercial premises located in the center of San Félix, in the Caroní municipality, where these citizens stored, made and packaged the alleged natural medicines,” said Rodríguez Cepeda.

He mentioned that during the procedure they managed to seize several bottles of magnesium chloride and more than a thousand plastic containers of different colors, sizes and presentations, which contained capsules and pills of alleged natural medicine.

They also seized syrup containers, hundreds of different colored dropper containers, more than 400 transparent ballots of presumed natural purifying powder and capsules, 1,250 labels of different colors and presentations to be placed in the different containers and a lot of transparent synthetic material used to seal packages.

“I call on the community to refrain from acquiring medicinal products in mobile places, lacking all kinds of health controls and permits,” concluded the commander.

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