Clandestine party with more than 300 people in Costanera Sur: there are 8 detainees

The music was played from speakers installed in various cars and trucks., one of which, a white Toyota Hilux brand, fled when they tried to identify its occupants.

Due to the hostility shown by the organizers, the troops had to request the presence of personnel from the Urban Containment Operations division (DOUC), Prevention and Traffic Brigades, and officials from the Government Control Agency (AGC), who verified that they were distributing alcoholic beverages that had been brought in the same vehicles from which the music was played.

Some of the attendees began throwing rocks and bottles at police personnel, resulting in the detention of eight people: three men (the organizers) and three women of Dominican nationality, a Peruvian citizen and an Argentine woman.

As a result of the attacks, three officers were slightly injured, who were treated by SAME at the scene, and the Criminal, Misconduct and Misdemeanor Prosecutor’s Office No. 14, under the charge of Dr Paulo Horacio Gaspani, ordered the arrest of the eight people. charged by “disobedience, attack and resistance to authority “and” injuries“, and the hijacking of two private vehicles belonging to the organizers.



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