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Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti They appeared together again at the wedding of the best friend of the FC Barcelona player. The magazine Hello! shared exclusive images of the couple on the Costa Brava, in Spain, looking hand in hand and very much in love. However, rumors of pregnancy by the 23-year-old have increased.

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Although the rumors of the sweet wait, the photos of Clara wearing a tight orange striped dress and a small lump in her belly have reinforced the idea that she would be pregnant. The Latin press is the one that has left this possibility open.

The driver of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, Raúl de Molina, was one of the first to notice Clara Chía’s supposed belly at the concert where she was accompanied by Piqué and in which both kiss for the first time in public.

You can see how she has a small belly, this woman looks skinny, and she has a small bellywhat do you think it is“, said

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Omar Sanchezthe Spanish presenter, was linked LIVE with the “América Hoy” program and confirmed the pregnancy rumors that Clara Chía Martí, Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend, is saying.

The truth does seem that there is a small elevationbut even at the concert there were people who had noticed that Clara had a certain tummy and when she realized the rumors, she herself published a photo with a bikini where you can see that it is completely flat, “he said.

Gerard Piqué's girlfriend would be pregnant.  Photo: (Hello Magazine)
Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend would be pregnant. Photo: (Hello Magazine)