Clarkson’s Range Rover ended up under a pile of compost. It looked like an eco-activist event

If you’ve been following Jeremy Clarkson at least a little bit, then you know that the star of The Grand Tour has really relied on farming in recent years.

Clarkson takes care of the farm in Chadlington, Oxfordshire. And he also runs his own shop there.

But not everyone likes his actions. Some neighbors allegedly complain that traffic has deteriorated significantly since the shop opened. They were not pleased with the plans to further expand Clarkson’s business, for example, a famous Englishman revealed that he would like to open a restaurant on the farm.

Therefore, when people who looked like environmental activists occupied the farm a few days ago, they seemed to have come to protest against this “expansion.” They were equipped with banners (on one, for example, the message “land has feelings, Clarkson does not”), but they also drew attention to themselves by vandalism, as they spray-damaged the trade.

However, Clarkson experienced the biggest surprise so far on Tuesday morning, when an excavator with a spoon loaded with compost appeared on the farm. The driver of the machine then dumped the load on Jeremy’s Range Rover. According to British media, three tons of compost fell on the car. Another protester “ran” on the roof of a luxury SUV. It all happened in Clarkson’s presence. There were also police officers at the protest, but they did not intervene in any way.

In the end, it turned out that the moderator had fallen victim to the antics of the creators of “Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway” and that the eco-activists were in fact hired actors.

That was the reason for the police’s inaction, they said they knew about the filming – unlike Clarkson, who allegedly had no idea that he had just been the victim of a joke. If he really had no idea, he took the whole action surprisingly calmly.