Clash of boats in Olbia, one dead – Sardinia

Clash between two boats, one motor and one sailing, in front of the Portisco marina in Olbia: a man lost his life. The dynamics of the accident are yet to be reconstructed. On the spot the police.

The collision took place about half a mile off the coast in the waters north of Portisco (Olbia). A clash, as a note from the Olbia Coast Guard reveals, between “a semi-cabin of about 12 meters with 4 passengers on board and a small sailing vessel with two spouses on board”. The victim, who was on board the small sailing boat with his wife, is a 69-year-old Lombard. His wife, in a strong state of shock, was assisted by the occupants of some private boats in the area.

The half-cabin, escorted by a patrol boat of the Guardia di Finanza, was moored at the port of Portisco where the men of the Coast Guard were waiting for the first investigations ordered by the magistrate on duty. The sailboat was instead towed by a specialized company towards the port of Porto Cervo. Two Coast Guard patrol boats intervened on the spot and a patrol boat from the Guardia di Finanza and the IV Underwater Unit of the Coast Guard were added.


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