Clashes at the monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia. The Russian ambassador was booed [ZDJĘCIA]

According to the police, in the morning, supporters of the removal of the 37-meter-high monument managed to drop blue and yellow paint on one of the monument’s figures using a drone. Later, they gathered in front of the monument where the Russian ambassador traditionally participates on this day in the celebration of the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Ambassador Eleanor Mitrofanova was booed by pro-Ukrainian demonstrators who clashed with pro-Russian demonstrators.

In the morning, the envoys of the Bulgarian left and its supporters, as well as the Russians living in Bulgaria, conducted the action of the Immortal Regiment originating from Russia – a march, the participants of which carry portraits of ancestors fighting in World War II.

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For a week there have been tensions between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian demonstrators at the monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia. There were several scuffles and clashes, but no serious incidents were reported. An attempt to cover the monument with Ukrainian flags was foiled. The vicinity of the monument is being patrolled by reinforced police forces.

In the evening, a march of support for the fighting Ukraine is to go through Sofia, from the city center to the Russian embassy.

Almost half of Bulgarians – 46 percent. – disagrees with the position that Russia is to blame for the war in Ukraine, and 36 percent believes that Russia is the aggressor – according to research published by the Mediapool portal. 39 percent Bulgarians feel sorry for the Ukrainians, and 23 percent. fully supports Ukraine’s membership of the European Union.