No land for old men is a largely straightforward storytelling exercise in which a hitman (Javier Bardem), a lawyer (Tommy Lee Jones) and an opportunist (Josh Brolin) all play a deadly game in the midst of a violent Cormac McCarthy story. It is usually easy to understand which side everyone is on, what the conflict is and where the conflict is leading. For almost the entire running time of the movie, it feels like you're playing a brutal crime drama with an exciting fix.

The confusing part for most of the viewers arrives only in the final scene when Jones Sheriff Bell sits at his kitchen table and describes his wife's two dreams. Bell is retired, Anton Chigurh (Bardem) is apparently free, and Llewelyn Moss (Brolin) is dead. We expect the natural rhythm of this type of story to give us a little more, but instead, we're considering a man who is just a moment think about the inner workings of his brain before the screen turns black. If you belong to the people who "Huh?" When the lights went up in the theater, you were definitely not alone.


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