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Choot (second from right) intends to fight again in the next classic.AFP

Losing to Shohei Otani in the first round, Trout (Mike Trout) is ready for the next round. In the 2026 World Baseball Classic, Trout vowed to form a better team, and according to “USA Today” report, Judge ( Aaron Judge is willing to participate.

Lost to the Japanese team in the championship game yesterday, American team bench coach Michael Young (Michael Young) saw the unwillingness of the players. You don’t get to see something like this, it’s a really great event and it’s going to make baseball better and better.”

For Trout, this is the most special 10 days he has spent. Although Shohei Otani struck out in the end, he has declared to participate in the next classic. “Next time, I want to make sure that everyone wants to play.”

At least the “judge” is willing. According to the “USA Today” report, Judge privately told his friends that he wants to play in the 2026 classic. Same.

However, the U.S. team has a problem with pitchers this time. MLB Chairman Rob Manfred said: “From a competitive point of view, we still need to work hard, especially in terms of pitchers. The existing personnel are very good, but the pitcher’s It’s still not the same level as a fielder.”

In the World Baseball Classic that started in March, many major league pitchers declined for fear of getting injured early, but the only injured pitcher in this classic was Mets Terminator Edwin Diaz. An unfortunate accident that had nothing to do with pitching.

Changing the time may be a way. Mexico head coach Benji Gil suggested that the classic could be held a week later to give pitchers more time to prepare. The disadvantage is that it is too close to the start of the major league season.

“We have discussed the timing for a long time.” Manfred said: “There is no perfect timing. If it is moved to the postseason, the players’ willingness to participate may not be high. We have also discussed holding it during the season, which may not be perfect. But under compromise is a time to consider.”

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