Claude Lelouch is stealing the scenario of his next movie

Claude Lelouch is stealing the scenario of his next

EXCLUSIVE. The 80-year-old filmmaker was robbed of the only copy of the “Yes and No” scenario, a great saga from 1937 to the present day, about music, cinema and politics. What can we wish Claude Lelouch at the beginning of this year? That he finds as quickly as possible the contents of two bags which were stolen from him a week ago Avenue Hoche, in Paris (VIII e ), in front of the premises of his production company, Films 13. Back from a trip to the mountains where he had gone to work, the filmmaker had just parked in front of the door and had taken out of his vehicle the three bags that were there. Then everything happened in a flash. “Time to go around the car,” he says, “two of the bags were gone. ” Avenue Hoche, Paris (8th). Filmmaker Claude Lelouch was stolen two bags while parking in front of this portal. A stolen life For the director of “A Man and a Woman”, Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1966, it’s a disaster. In the stolen objects were indeed, deplores whoever was the last to run Johnny Hallyday last year in “Everybody’s Life”, the script structure of his next film, entitled “Yes and No”. A great saga still unknown cast and unfolding from 1937 to the present, speaking of music, cinema and politics. “We have lived a century of total madness and I will be able to offer myself that for my 80 years The filmmaker was pleased last year at the microphone of RTL talking about this future feature film. Another important loss, several notebooks representing “a thousand pages”, covered notes, observations, things seen, taken for fifty years. “I was robbed of magical suitcases, those that have accompanied me all my life and in which I draw material to my inspiration,” regrets the artist. Finally have also disappeared in this misadventure 15 000 € in various currencies – “I always have with me a reserve of money in case I have to go abroad” – his keys, his passport and a watch. Claude Lelouch, who has lodged a complaint, has scoured all the bins in the neighborhood, hoping at least to find his notebooks and this advanced scenario which is the only copy. But this research proved to be unsuccessful. However, he still wants to believe that he will deposit before his door this precious treasure of imagination that has been stolen from him. “After all, they have my address,” he says. I make this call to them. I’m waiting for this miracle. “Not sure, however, if he finds his property at the end of this scenario which he would have gone well, he exclaims with regard to the one who caused him this fear:” bastard, you t ‘ like “, as was titrated his film of 2013 …

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