Claudia de Breij starts recording an album of songs from her cabaret show ahead of schedule Here I am, the comedian tells Thursday in conversation with de Volkskrant.

“We had postponed that for a while, but now we will do it immediately”, said De Breij. The cabaret artist made the decision because of the sold-out performances Here I am in Carré have been canceled due to the corona measures announced on Tuesday.

“We’re just going to ventilate the place and dive into the studio tomorrow with the three of us”, the comedienne said. “That’s how I keep myself going a bit.”

De Breij made no statements about when she expects to release the album.

In front of Here I am De Breij dives into the life of Heintje Davids, a popular grand artist who frequently performed in Carré with her songs and jokes. Her recurring farewell performances and funeral took place in the Amsterdam theater.

De Breij not only wrote songs for the performance, but also gave several old records a more modern twist. Her performance is also about the love for the general public, the relationships within the Davids family (brother Louis Davids was also well known) and the fears and loss due to the persecution of the Jews.


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