Claudia Lopez. Mayor of Bogotá infected with covid-19 | Outside of Soccer

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, reported this Friday that she tested positive in a PCR test for coronavirus, although she has mild symptoms and will remain at rest due to medical recommendation.

“After much care, of more than a year, I finally got covid. The doctors have informed me that I have a positive PCR test and although all my vital signs are fortunately fine, I only have a little discomfort and a lot of fatigue”, confirmed through a video posted on his social networks.

On the instruction of the health professionals who attended her, the local president must remain at rest and in isolation, and temporarily the Secretary of Health, Alejandro Gómez, will assume his functions in the Mayor’s Office. “Although I feel good and I will be aware of everything, also out of responsibility and precaution, you never know what could happen, Alejandro Gómez, the secretary of health of Bogotá, will be in charge of the Mayor these days,” he said.

Bogotá, the city most affected by the pandemic in the country, is going through a critical situation due to the increase in infections and daily deaths that have its hospital network on the brink of collapse. As reported by the authorities, the Colombian capital is already seeing the effects of 17 days of crowds in the streets due to massive protests against the national government, one of the worst social and political crises in the country.

“I want to reiterate my call to the national government and the Unemployment Committee to establish a national consultation table without further delay, it is necessary to move on to building trust, to clear rules, to a clear method of social and economic consultation”, asked
Lopez. Colombia accumulates 3,067,879 infected and 79,760 deaths, and has experienced the worst health crisis for several weeks due to the third wave of the pandemic.

“I again call on everyone to take care of it, I beg the Unemployment Committee and the national government not to extend that table any longer,” he insisted. Bogotá added yesterday, according to the Ministry of Health report, 7,742 new infections and 131 deaths, the second highest report of infections and deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, so the mayor said that “I don’t know what else to say, warn, beg, plead “.