Claudia Norberg is back after a long time: “I love you, I miss you, goodbye”

Florida (USA) – Claudia Norberg (50), the ex-wife of Michael Wendler (48), has not heard or read anything on Instagram for a long time. But now the 50-year-old is back after a months-long social media hiatus. The reason seems to be his daughter.

Her daughter Adeline (19) has completed her studies and is now opening a new chapter in her life in Los Angeles.

Mama Claudia wishes her child the best for this stage and expresses it in words on social networks.

“Adeline, good luck to you,” Claudia Norberg’s Instagram post said Monday.

The following posts from the former Jungle Camp participant are repost. You can see Adeline’s empty bedroom or the journey to new adventures.

“I love you, I miss you, goodbye”, the mother wishes her daughter the best. A bit of the pain of separation also seems to come out of social media.

Part of the hashtag is “California Girl,” with which Claudia Norberg makes it clear that Adeline is now pitching her tents in California instead of Florida. There she last lived in Cape Coral with her father Michael and stepmother Laura Müller (20).

It was also very quiet around Norberg’s former partner and Adeline’s father. Recently, very little has been heard of Wendler and his Laura Müller. If you want to know what the relationship status of the celebrity couple is, you can find out more in the article: “Radio silence with Laura Müller: you and Michael Wendler separated? “.