Claver-Carone, Trump’s key piece, critic of Fernández and unemployed for “inappropriate conduct”

In just two years, an American of Cuban origin Mauricio Claver Carone He went from being chosen to head the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in 2020 at the proposal of the then US president, Donald Trump, to being dismissed accused of maintaining “inappropriate conduct” of a sexual nature. Along the way, he was critical of the government of Alberto Fernández, although the entity has recently approved a new mega-credit for Argentina.

The son of Cuban immigrants, Claver-Carone was elected President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on September 12, 2020 a decision that generated controversy because it was the first non-Latin American president to lead the organization.

Under his leadership, the IDB Group achieved a record $23.4 billion in financing and mobilizations in 2021, which included a record $3 billion in mobilizations by IDB Invest, and record financing for climate change and value chain projects.

Previously, Claver-Carone worked as executive director of the United States at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), where he represented his country as the largest shareholder on the IMF Executive Board.

The president of the IDB was dismissed for his alleged intimate relationship with an official

During the administration of former President Donald Trump, he was an advisor for International Affairs to the United States Department of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve Board and United States agencies to effectively present policies on foreign exchange practices, debt transparency and trade to the Board of Directors. Executive and Management of the IMF.

Graduated from Rollins College, with a Juris Doctorate from The Catholic University of America and a Masters in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown University Law Centeralso played an important role in the financing agreements for ArgentinaBarbados and Ecuador and revolving lines of credit for Colombia and Mexico.

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From 2017 to 2018, Mr. Claver-Carone was Senior Advisor for International Affairs at the United States Department of the Treasury, where he was Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury and the Under Secretary for International Relations on geopolitical, economic, and security issues. national.

The Assembly of Governors of the IDB -composed of ministers of Economy, Finance or directors of central banks of the 48 member countries of the IDB- dismissed Claver-Carone, for “inappropriate conduct” with a subordinate whom he paid with significant salary increases .

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The case was uncovered last week, when an investigative agency presented a report to the members of the institution’s executive board. The conclusions clearly showed the personal relationship of the president with a worker that lasted several years.

The researchers said they had discovered evidence that included a photograph of a handwritten contract on the back of a paper tableclothallegedly written and signed by Claver-Carone and the staff member, which read: “we deserve absolute happiness“.

Since last Friday, the governors – who are the ones who approve the appointment and dismissal of the president – have been voting if they want Claver-Carone to leave office for having broken the bank’s rules, which prohibit intimate relationships between superiors with people who depend on directly from them.

The termination of Claver-Carone requires a majority of the total voting power of the governing board. The three largest shareholders of the bank – the United States, Argentina and Brazil – together hold almost 53% of the voting power.

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Last September 7, The IDB said that it will grant credits for almost 5,000 million dollars to Argentina this year and next after a meeting this Tuesday in Washington between Economy Minister Sergio Massa and Claver-Carone.

In 2020, Claver-Carone recognized that he was a key piece in getting the government of Mauricio Macri to obtain credit from the IMF.

Claver-Carone’s relationship with the government of Alberto Fernández has been tense from the beginning. “We want to know if Alberto Fernández is going to be a lawyer for democracy in the region or an apologist for the region’s dictatorships and warlords, be they (Nicolás) Maduro, (Rafael) Correa or (Evo) Morales,” Carone said in 2019.

“There was an erratic macroeconomic policy in Argentina” when it should be “cohesive,” the former president of the IDB recently opined. He also criticized, saying that for almost two years “a ministry and part of the Argentine government said one thing to the IDB and another to the Monetary Fund, then the cables were crossed and there was no clarity.”

At the most recent Summit of the Americas Alberto Fernández accused the United States of “taking control” of the IDB by appointing Claver-Carone.


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