Clay tiles that produce solar energy? They already exist

Tiles made from a clay-like compound allow you to hide solar panels without interfering with energy production.

If there is a source of clean energy that has grown in recent times, it is solar.. With more and more people wanting to install solar panels in their homes, more companies seek to create aesthetic solutions that do not change the style of construction.

Solar tiles are already a reality and nowthere is a company that goes further with the creation of tiles that look like clay and hide small solar modules.

The Italian company Dyaqua has developed what it calls invisible solar tiles. Basically, it’s a technology that can take the form of any building material while also making it possible to produce solar energy.

Each module is constructed of a non-toxic, recyclable polymer composite which is specially produced to be able to absorb radiation from the sun. The small solar panels are inside this module which hides them from view, but let the light through to generate green energy.

Solar tiles turn roofs into major producers of green energy

Despite being produced using a kind of plastic, the tiles are installed like normal clay tiles and are resistanttolerating chemical solvents and the most varied atmospheric conditions, withstanding temperatures between minus 40 degrees and 85 degrees.

Each tile weighs up to 2 kg and has a peak power of 7.5 W.

Dyaqua’s invisible solar tiles are produced by handalways being different yet similar.

Tiles hide solar panels (photo: Dyaqua)

A pilot installation of these tiles took place in 2018, in PompeiiItaly, more specifically at Pompeii Archaeological Park as part of a project by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the CNR.