Clayton Kershaw: Do not be scared because the season is just starting, it does not work

Clayton Kershaw: Do not be scared because the season is just starting, it does not work

LOS ANGELES – In commemoration of Jackie Robinson’s Day, the Dodgers finally managed to emerge victorious and it was the arm of Clayton Kershaw who returned the calm to the Angelenos, guiding them to beat 7-2 to the Arizona Diamonds . “That not to be scared because we’re starting (season) does not work,” Kershaw said after the Dodgers’ first victory over Arizona this season. “If you think like that, as an excuse to not give up, it’s not right. have to solve. Clayton Kershaw looked on the hill in a duel in which the Dodgers were forced to win. Getty Images “We’re going to face the Diamonds like four times in the first two months, the same with the Giants and you must continue to be unpredictable and mix some things, “stressed the ace, who worked seven innings and struck out 12 opponents. Although the victory of Sunday raises the morale of the Dodgers, the ninth does not pass by his best moment after confirming the injury to the right shoulder of Logan Forsythe , who covered the third base instead of Justin Turner , who is out of action for a broken wrist suffered in the preseason. A possible substitute in the anteroom could be the Puerto Rican Kike Hernandez. “The bat of Justin Turner will be needed, but we understand that we have good players, even those who are in the bench could play every day,” Hernandez told ESPN at the start of the regular season. If you want to receive the best information of the sports world, download the App now. » For manager Dave Roberts, the performance on Kershaw Hill seems to have become indispensable for the current National League monarchs. “In the circumstances of how we have played, having Kershaw run as he has done is the games we really hope to win and we really want to win,” the driver said. Kershaw has been called to the All-Star Game in the past seven seasons and has won three Cy Young in his career. However, the Dodgers seem to operate with the possibility in mind of the possible exit of their ace at the end of the current season, after which they will become a free agent. After the acquisition of Matt Kemp of Atlanta at the end of 2017, the Dodgers adjusted their payroll not to exceed the $ 197 million cap and thus avoid paying penalties.

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