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C40 is a symbol of Volvo’s shift to pure EV

Just because it’s a coupe body, you may not need 407ps for a compact crossover. Although the roofline is gently sloping, the Volvo C40’s personality is different from that of a sports car. It is also reflected in the price.

When you hear the high-performance version of Volvo, you might think of Polestar Engineered. But basically, the C40 is a crossover with the XC40 as a coupe body.

Volvo C40 Recharge Twin Ultimate (UK)

The difference from the XC40 is that you can’t choose an internal combustion engine at all, except for its form. The C40 is based on the same CMA platform as the XC40 and Polestar 2, but the only power source to choose from is an electric motor.

The C40 is equipped with a drive motor that delivers 231ps and can run 432km with a 67kWh drive battery, which is a basic recharge. You can also choose a recharge twin that has one 203ps motor on the front and one on the front and can run 439km with a 75kWh battery.

Since the platform is shared with the XC40, technically a gasoline engine version or a hybrid version should have been prepared. However, Volvo has set the C40 as a symbol of shifting to a pure EV. The company is positioned as the first pure EV-only model.

The test drive in the UK this time was the C40 Recharge Twin. It will be four-wheel drive.

Neutral maneuvering characteristics and a gentle ride

Drive motors that deliver the same maximum output are mounted on the front and rear sides, and the steering characteristics of the recharge twin are neutral. When attacking the corners, the front tires reach the limit first, but thanks to the wide Pirelli P zero tires, the grip power is huge.

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Although the chassis is not a sports SUV, it has very high traction and excellent instantaneous power. The steering wheel has a light feel, but the weighting is just right.

Volvo C40 Recharge Twin Ultimate (UK)
Volvo C40 Recharge Twin Ultimate (UK)

On the other hand, the ride quality is calm and you can drive with a natural impression even on suburban roads where the pavement is not clean. However, when the road surface becomes rough, a large amount of road noise echoes inside the car. It’s a little disappointing for Volvo, which has a UK price of £ 58,900.

Entry grade small diameter wheels should improve a little. The ultimate test drive was top grade and was a size that emphasized appearance.

The texture of the interior is not enough considering the price. With the £ 34,100 XC40 T3, you shouldn’t be dissatisfied at all.

The seat design is wonderful like Volvo. The quality of the interior assembly is high, and the translucent trim panel called topography is also fresh. However, I had the impression that there were too many plastic and rubber coated parts.

The selection of materials with strong consideration for the environmental load can be evaluated. However, I would like to ask for a little more for the texture of micro suede and the leather of the steering wheel.

It ’s a finish that is enough to compete with rivals.