Cleaning house by house. Leaked emails showed what Putin was planning in Ukraine

The defeat that the Russian army suffered at Kiev a year ago probably meant more for the future of Ukraine than anyone could have imagined. Russian terror would probably not end with the capture of the capital. Secret plans, according to which Russia wanted to establish a brutal regime, were leaked to the public.

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began last February, Russian President Vladimir Putin believed in a quick and easy victory. However, this did not happen, and Russia was thus unable to fulfill its plan to remove the current government of Ukraine and install its own puppet.

But that was not the only plan that Putin had for Ukraine. According to the sources of the Russian investigative website Gulag, which highlights conditions in Russian prisons and torture, Russia was preparing to establish a very harsh regime. The latter was intended to tame any resistance.

The Gulag source, who is said to be an FSB officer nicknamed “Wind of Change”, claims that Ukraine would face purges, both political and social, if defeated. In addition to Kyiv, these purges would also focus on other Ukrainian cities, especially Kherson, which was the only regional city that Russia managed to conquer for a while.

The first phase of the monstrous plan involved suppressing popular protests. “The goal was to reduce mass demonstrations to local skirmishes. At the same time, the plan was to inflict the worst possible injuries on the demonstrators in order to break individual resistance,” described the “Wind of Change” plan.

However, the plan does not end there. “As soon as the protests were reduced, it would be time to check people’s homes. The FSB would kidnap people in the middle of the night and take them to Russian territories. To concentration camps and worse,” the e-mails of the Russian secret service, which operators the Gulag website was given by its source.

In addition, the FSB officer came up with one more shocking claim. It concerns the body bags and mobile crematoria that filled the pages of the world’s media just before the invasion. They were allegedly not supposed to be prepared for soldiers at all. Russia was supposed to prepare them for the Ukrainian opposition.

An arrest warrant is currently issued for Putin by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The reason is the suspicion of committing war crimes. The plans, which the Gulag source spoke about, are supposed to come directly from his pen, The Sun reported.

Watch a report from last April about war crimes from around Kyiv: