Cleanliness and order should improve safety in Linz

With more order and cleanliness, the Linz People’s Party wants to increase the feeling of security in Linz and increase the attractiveness of the southern highway.

In addition to a cleanliness campaign, which will start this spring, the focus is on a redesign of the Volksgarten, the introduction of waste watchers and more frequent cleaning.

Common rules for the Volksgarten

The Linzer Volksgarten, in the immediate vicinity of the music theater, is considered a focal point. Linz’s deputy mayor, Martin Hajart, wants to make progress here, in addition to redesign measures, with a set of rules that will be drawn up together with those groups that use the park heavily.

“The Volkshilfe has achieved good results with such a concept at the OK-Platz,” says Hajart. If the rules and the corresponding consequences are developed together with those affected, then acceptance is higher, Hajart continues.

As a first step, however, he wants to have the seating in the immediate vicinity of the “Volksgarten” tram station relocated. These are often used by people from the drug scene and impair public transport users’ sense of security, explains Hajart.

If VP club chairwoman Elisabeth Manhal has her way, waste watchers in Linz, based on the Viennese model, should raise awareness of pollution and, if necessary, impose penalties. Although the Linz city guard already has this authority, due to a lack of human resources, these tasks cannot be fulfilled at the moment. That’s why Manhal calls for ten employees to act as waste watchers in Linz to keep things in order.

However, progress should also be made directly with cleaning measures. Business owners have called for the country road to be washed more frequently again, reports Hajart. In the future, the car wash will therefore come once a week instead of once a month at the moment.