Clear skies and mostly sunny for Friday afternoon in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

Rafael: and every 15 minutes

we have time and traffic in the

wake up and thanks for the

shinto. are the conditions


of art with temperatures a

slightly cooler. conditions

that are clear. a bit

moisture. and we see how the

cloudiness has been retreating

towards the Atlantic. especially

be part of new jersey. how

we have a calm panorama

until the

showers. and see when it is

our rain coming

area. a day that will pass from

cloudy to a sunny day and

in the afternoon with

temperatures in the normal range

and the thermal sensation is

in that range tomorrow followed

stable for Sunday too

notice that in the last hours

tomorrow we have a day

spectacular sunny, clear

and in the afternoon we see the

Sunday morning. it goes

approach a front that will sell

from the northwest.

Friday they decide the rank of the


tomorrow will be fresh. and either

a super cool and super gem


the temperatures are almost

10 below normal for

this era.

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