Clem: netizens mixed after the end of season 8 (TWEETS REVIEW)


End Clap for season 8 of Clem . After 10 episodes, the new season of the TF1 series ended on Monday, April 16th with the release of two new unpublished chapters. And it was a great start. The show starring Lucie Lucas, Agustin Galiana , Elodie Fontan and Victoria Abril has indeed offered a final rich in twists. It must be said that the season 9 Clem not yet assured , these last two episodes could then be the last of the saga. ⋙ Clem (TF1): Lucie Lucas and Victoria Abril absent, discover why! During this crazy final, we had the right to a wedding (that of Hicham), an ultimatum (that of Xavier for Caroline to accompany him to Canada), madness (that of Salome who wants to abandon the high school just before the baccalaureate to go abroad with his darling), a fire (that of Caroline’s restaurant), a dive into the wild west with cowboy costumes and country dancing as well as full of new pregnancies and unexpected children. But did these numerous twists and turns win over viewers? ⋙ Lucie Lucas: “Clem rarely stays alone for very long” Since the start of season 8, Clem has been playing good audiences. On Monday, April 8, the series even crushed the competition . But on social networks, the success of this eighth season is not so total. On Twitter, the reactions during this final were thus very mixed. Some users have regretted that this is already the end of their favorite series, while expressing their happiness to see Clem finally couple with Baptiste and pregnant Alizée. But they have also been many to criticize these last two episodes and especially the entire season: too soft and intriguing and repetitive intrigues. The twittos particularly pointed out two screenwriting choices of which Clem according to them abused since the beginning of the series and which were at the center of this final: surprise pregnancies and high school students who find themselves parents. Find our review tweets of the evening. But tonight it’s already the end of the season #Clem ? – ✨ (@Marina_Ruffin) April 16, 2018

Too sad that the season of #Clem ends tonight you will miss us @agustingaliana @Elodie_Fontan @lea_lopez_off @LucieLucasOffic @AbrilVictorina @KevinElarbi we’re hoping for a season 9 very quickly on @ TF1 – Julia (@ Julia3828) April 16, 2018

Att if I understood correctly as it is the final episode will be more Clem every Monday ?? ? #Clem – calamazone (@amandineblct) April 16, 2018

Alizée pregnant ? #Clem – Oceane (@ Ocey09) April 16, 2018

The couple Clem & Baptiste ??❤ #Clem – D-5 ? (@NolwennBdlc) April 16, 2018

#Clem In fact it is soft this season, it does not happen much … – Jujudu29 (@ MissAppledu29) April 16, 2018

It’s time she stops this series it does not stand anymore! #Clem – Emilie Chvl (@emilie_chvl) April 16, 2018

I find the episodes of + in + draws #Clem – K. (@darleneprl) April 16, 2018

#Clem I’m disappointed … This is the first time I find an average Clem season ? yet I’ve loved all the other seasons, I still watch and still like it, but here I’m doubtful .. . – Jujudu29 (@ MissAppledu29) April 16, 2018

She is still in pairs at the end of the season and after parting with the guy at the beginning of the new season, why? it’s ridiculous to do that. ? This season is really bad, it goes on the ball, and it’s badly played. #Clem – anakin (@hydenchristnsen) April 16, 2018

I have not hooked at all this season. It goes around in circles, it’s flat! #Clem – Cynthia (@CynthiaRnx) April 16, 2018

#Clem ohlala the season too much, too much pout too much incoherence, too much rotten final heaviness ? – Marineeee (@MaaryneF) April 16, 2018

#Clem good serum pill condom all his sa exists at the base the series is a girl who falls by accident accidentally we are 3 person who had a child by accident and 1 abortion ditto has an accident his going the scenario not too repetitive? – lea (@lea__o_o) April 16, 2018

Already Clem’s 2nd child was too much, Surrealist Marie-France’s baby, but here we reach peaks #Clem – ? (@doucefeather) April 16, 2018

No, but seriously in this series they have ALL kids before the baccalaureate or how does it go? #Clem – Pauline. (@Polikuro) April 16, 2018


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