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The desire to lose the employee retirement bonus by turning the severance pay into a Complementary Pension System (TES) created fear of losing his retirement bonus. General HealthBusiness President Zekiye Bacaksız said, “Those who are confiscated with the severance pay of the worker today will be able to pay attention to the retirement bonus of the public workers tomorrow.” Unlike private sector employees, civil servants and public workers are paid pension benefits rather than severance pay.

We are on the side of the worker

President Zekiye Bacaksız said that efforts to eliminate the employee’s right to severance pay, job security and pensions are a common problem not only for workers but also for all employees, including civil servants. Stating that they are with all the workers who are at risk of losing their seniority as officers, Mayor Bacaksız said that they will not allow the normalization of employees’ rights losses. Noting that while the government struggled to survive under the conditions of a pandemic, the government is keeping an eye on the employee’s pocket, labor and future, Bacaksiz made the following warnings and determinations:


“The political power that usurps the rights of the worker one by one, is the guarantee of what they will do and the future is the harbinger of the dark days. Political power changed in calculating the value of earnings based on premiums and the monthly bond rate in the 6th year of his appointment, melting 25 percent of his pensions. In a period when the monetary resources of the state hit the bottom, the banks’ resources were drawn to the supporters, and all public companies under the name of the Wealth Fund were kept arbitrarily out of control, this seniority agenda should be sufficiently stimulating. ”

Zekiye Bacaksiz

Salaries to work from home will fall

President Bacaksiz stated that the government had made regulations that caused serious rights losses in working life for 18 years and decreased the number of civil servants and increased the number of contracted personnel. Indicating that the system of working in the public sector is intended to be flexible and irregular, Bacaksız said, “The system of working at home in the pandemic was tested. Millions of public employees will be forced to work remotely in the future, salaries will decrease, job security will disappear ”.



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