Climate activist in Munich: 1000 euros fine for superglue

transport ban

Man has superglue in his pocket – he has to pay for it now

A “superglue transport ban” was imposed on seven activists in Munich. Because he broke it, a man now has to pay 1000 euros.

updatedMar 23, 2023 at 6:37 am

He is one of seven climate activists who are not allowed to transport superglue in Munich. There is an official “superglue transport ban” for them.

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Because he had superglue in his pocket during a police check, he had to pay 1,000 euros.

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  • Munich wants to prevent climate activists from obstructing their traffic.

  • For seven activists, there is therefore a “superglue transport ban” in the city.

  • One of them was caught with glue in his pocket. He therefore has to pay 1000 euros.

A man from Munich disregarded the “superglue transport ban” imposed on him and therefore has to pay a fine of 1,000 euros. During a police check, officers found glue in his pocket. A video of the police control is currently causing an uproar on Twitter.

The Munich district administration department confirms to the “Bayerischer Rundfunk” that this ban actually exists. This ban was imposed on seven activists in November to avoid obstructing traffic in Munich. Accordingly, they face a fine of 1,000 euros for the mere transport of superglue.

The activist of the last generation does not want to admit defeat. In a video that caused an uproar on Twitter, he says: “I want to publicly protest that I have a superglue transport ban.” He will be transporting superglue at Marienplatz and would like to invite the press to do so.

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