Climate activists stuck to Bregenz Festspielhaus

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Ten climate activists glued themselves to the glass facade of the Festspielhaus Bregenz on Friday evening. As reported by ORF Vorarlberg, the “Extinction Rebellion” group is specifically concerned with stopping the Bodensee expressway (S18) project. Due to the action under the motto “Block the rich and powerful”, it was difficult for the guests of the guild ball to enter the Festspielhaus via the main entrance.

With their action, the activists of the “Last Generation”, which had become known throughout Austria in the past few weeks due to road blockades and had not yet carried out any actions in Vorarlberg, got ahead of themselves. In the past, however, there had already been climate protests in the westernmost state, for example in October when a five-meter spider’s web was spanned on the Montfort Bridge in Feldkirch. In December, “Extinction Rebellion” disrupted a state parliament session in Bregenz.

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