Climate change: Pope Francis urges “radical action” in message to the BBC

  • Mark Lowen
  • Correspondent in Rome, BBC


Pope Francis’ message was broadcast on the “Thought for the Day” segment of the BBC Radio 4 program.

In a message recorded exclusively for the BBC, Pope Francis called on world leaders who will meet next week at the UN Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, to provide “effective responses” to the emergency. and offer “concrete hope” to future generations.

Speaking from the Vatican for the BBC’s Radio 4 Day Thought segment, the Pope addressed crises including the covid-19 pandemic, climate change and economic difficulties, and urged the world to respond to them with vision. and radical decisions, to don’t “waste opportunities” that current challenges present.

“We could face these crises by retreating into isolationism, protectionism and exploitation,” the pontiff said, “or we could see in them a real opportunity for change.”

The religious leader evoked the need for “a renewed sense of shared responsibility for our world,” adding that “each of us – whoever we are and wherever we are – can play a role in changing our collective response to the unprecedented threat of climate change and the degradation of our common home. ”