Climate Change: Reasons for the Increasing Frequency of “Flash Floods” and Ways to Protect Humans-BBC News

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Local heavy rain caused parts of London to become a country for a time

Since the beginning of summer, extreme weather caused by climate change seems to have become a cruel reality.

In July, torrential rains and flash floods swept across many places around the world: from Germany and Belgium in Europe to Henan in China, from New York on the east coast of the United States to London in the southeast of the United Kingdom. Among them, Germany experienced a flood that occurred once in decades, causing hundreds of deaths; the Chinese authorities described the flood in Henan as a “once in a thousand years,” and so far has caused at least dozens of deaths.

A word often mentioned in news reports is “storm flood.” It is the chief culprit in New York and London that has caused a large-scale traffic paralysis in urban areas. Scientists say this phenomenon has become more and more common due to climate change.

So what exactly is a flash flood phenomenon? What is the reason for its formation? How should people respond to flash floods?

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