Climate change will drive thousands of viruses from animals to humans, new study finds

Is the coronavirus pandemic the first of a long series? It’s not impossible, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. According to the Georgetown University researchers behind this study, the number of virus transmissions between species is expected to increase significantly in the coming years in Asia and Africa in favor of climate change. In total, no less than 15,000 new viral infections will be transmitted from animals to humans by 2070 if the temperature increases by 2ºC on Earth.

According to the researchers, this transmission will occur in favor of the change of habitat of many mammals which will have to adapt to climate change. These mammals will bring parasites with them to areas where they were not previously present. Unsurprisingly, it is bats that are of most concern to researchers. “Because of their unique dispersal ability, bats are responsible for the majority of new viral sharing. They should also facilitate the emergence of certain viruses in humans”.

The researchers therefore call for greater vigilance and more monitoring to prevent this disaster scenario from happening.