Climate crisis: How are migratory birds suffering from climate change?

Bird observations have shown how adaptable some migratory birds are. Some species are able to change their flight plan within a short period of time. The most exciting of these is the blackcap. It managed to change the flight route within a few bird generations. While it used to go south in the winter, the birds are now making their way to the south coast of England. It is now absolutely tolerable in winter and the food supply is also suitable. An amazing adaptability.

The storks have also succeeded in doing this. Many storks now save themselves the exhausting flight to Africa. It’s beautiful in the south of Spain too. And if you are as flexible as the Adebar in terms of food supply, then a Spanish garbage dump is absolutely sufficient for overwintering.

And the house martin apparently has an unerring sense of when winter is coming to an end. Bird observations have shown that it returns about 10 days earlier than it did 30 years ago. This is an extremely rapid adjustment, which gives hope that our children and grandchildren will still stare in amazement at the sky when the huge formations pass over our heads in autumn and spring.

Because of strong winds: Thousands of migratory birds do not make it across the sea and perish