Climate impact: Private Jet and the greats of this world

Climate impact: Private Jet and greats of this world, their undeniable impact on our environment

Luggage Hero study on The reality of the climate impact of private jets
We cannot overlook the environmental impact of private jets. Our planet is suffering from global warming and most of us are fighting to reduce our carbon footprint, but some celebrities and laws are making it worse.


The owners of private jets are allowed to deduct the full cost of a plane on their tax return The shortest flight a celebrity took was just 9 minutes Taylor Swift was the biggest polluter in the first half of 2022 with 170 flights

Private jets pollute 50 times more than trains
Everyone on earth should limit their carbon footprint to a total of 2.3 metric tons per year to avoid possible climate catastrophe according to Oxfam research

How serious are emissions from private jets?
CO2 emissions from private jets have increased in recent years and they are growing faster than emissions from commercial aviation. In general, private jets are 5 to 14 times more polluting than commercial planes per passenger and 50 times more polluting than trains. A recent United Nations report warns that harmful carbon emissions from 2010 to 2019 have never been higher in human history and that we are absolutely on the ‘fast track’ to climate catastrophe if emissions global greenhouse gas emissions do not begin to decline by 2025 .



Scientists say it’s ‘now or never’ to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. The researchers recommend that to keep things sustainable, everyone on earth should limit their carbon footprint to a total of 2.3 metric tons per year.

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Private jets have a disproportionate impact on the environment. A single private jet emits 2 metric tons of CO2 in just one hour, while the average person emits around 7 metric tons of CO2 for an entire year.

Celebrities with the worst CO2 emissions from private jets
Celebrities often have business trips, tours, meetings, or even family and friends all over the world, so they need to fly to a particular destination. But there are situations where people use their private jets for short trips to save time and don’t think about how nature is damaged. We know that air transport is one of the main causes of air pollution.



Pop singer Taylor Swift has been found to be one of the biggest CO2 polluters in 2022 caused by using her private jet, according to a Yard research study. Since January 2022, his private jet has completed a total of 170 flights, and the shortest was just 36 minutes. She claims she lets her friends use her private jet, but that doesn’t excuse her for contributing significantly to the pollution of the planet. Another extreme was famous entrepreneur Kylie Jenner’s 9-minute robbery, which sparked public outrage.

Expert in transport decarbonisation at the University of Oxford, Dr Debbie Hopkins told BBC News: “A huge amount of fuel is used when an aircraft takes off and lands, regardless of the number of people on board. So an already polluting mode of transport (commercial aviation) becomes even worse (with private jets). Private jets are suitable for shorter flights, and with a large number of short flights, there is a high probability of accelerating global warming.

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CO2 emissions and their impact
Regardless of whether carbon dioxide is a vital part of the environment, we need to be concerned about how it affects our planet. The bulk of greenhouse gas emissions are carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which result from the combustion of substances such as solid, liquid or gaseous fuels.

Its excess leads to an increase in temperature on Earth and significantly affects the environment: weather, forest fires, dying species, water levels, etc. disproportionate and is caused by a very small group of people.



CO2 intensity on commercial jets and private jets

Line chart data is from Transport & Environment
Private jet taxes
Owners of a private jet are allowed to deduct the full cost of an aircraft on their tax return, in the exact year of their jet purchase, if they use it exclusively for business purposes. Just looking at the cost of these planes, you can go from a light jet, $900,000, to an airliner, around $500 million. Maintenance can be high and the cost of a flight can be up to $12,000. The European Commission in July 2021 decided to help owners of private jets in agreement with Compare Private Planes by excluding them from the new fuel tax. They do not have to pay this excise duty even when they use the plane for recreational purposes, whereas everyone does, when buying a commercial plane ticket, even for professional reasons. There are various protests around the world against the new private jet laws, all with the hope that something will change soon.

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What does all this mean for us?
At present, the size of the private jet industry is approximately $25.87 billion. Despite the recommendations of scientists and researchers on the impact of these markets on our planet, the projection is that this business will reach $38 billion by 2029 based on a report by Fortune Business Insights. Reports on the danger of the future risk of CO2 pollution are clear: if pollution is not reduced, for example through higher taxation and a more environmentally friendly approach, it can lead to significant climate disasters and therefore difficult environmental restoration.


Yard’s research study is based on analysis of the Celebrity Jets Twitter account, where the global analysis of pollution from celebrity private jets took place in the first half of 2022. The official source is ADS-B Exchange, where celebrities and all unfiltered flight tracking data were obtained.