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Climate: the big national unpacking

In Carcassonne (Aude), two animators of a big debate did not need to make big digressions, those which lead to distant lands, to tell the seized and feverish planet. The ten participants visualize very well. It happened there, close to home. In October, the rain killed fifteen people in the area, wounded ten times more and devastated hundreds of homes. Already modest people have lost everything, barely a month after the summer, and researchers are blaming global warming and its effects. We spent ten days on the roads of the great debate in February, and the ecological transition (one of the four major themes imposed by the government) has inspired testimony, questioning and felt various debaters.


The shift: the average French, sometimes at the margin geographically, is summoned to pay more for its fuel to finance green measures while the wealthy airlines that perfume the air of kerosene are spared. An old man in Burgundy is leaning towards a drastic compensation solution, just to wake everyone up in the bucket of water: to spit money on all those who travel in the air. When they board and when they go down. In an equally globalized register, quidams with graying temples, microphone in hand here and there in municipal halls, describe the license plates of foreign trucks that roam the roads of the country. Why not tax them? And why not develop piggyback?

Along the way, rural people have been listening to the powerful rulers praising the benefits of a greener life, while closing public services in remote areas. Hospitals, train stations, schools. Buses find themselves coming and going for a handful of kids, five days a week. Austerity and pollution would be intimate? In Gray (Haute-Saône), a farmer insists on this great time when the State promotes healthy food, while cutting the katana aid awarded to the organic sector. In parallel, companies do not care to destroy the planet, everywhere assemble politicized militants, because they draw an unstoppable argument: they produce employment, and for an empty stomach, it takes precedence over everything.

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They warned us, we must be strong to admit to a dying in agony that ecology is a priority. In La Chapelle-de-Guinchay (Saone-et-Loire), a pensioner in a hat takes another cap that predicts the immediate apocalypse because of nuclear power plants: "We knew how to build them, we do not know how to dismantle them." The first is, however, sure of his stroke. Several decades ago, in its early youth, we were already talking about the end of the world, "And we are still here."

Introspection: in Wasquehal (Nord), a look-alike by Pascal Obispo would ideally see a shuttle system to pick up employees from his box every morning and avoid them coughing their vehicles on the road. "But that would necessarily force colleagues to get up earlier. Would they accept it? " He is circumspect. Until proof to the contrary, the queen philosophy remains the everyone for his apple.


The fight is necessarily small scale, defend the French, middle class or bourgeois. We could thus replace the heat lamps of the cafes by plaids and for the four-wheelers, to fight for the hydraulic power. Consume local products too, even if you pay more. Good souls swear they would be ready to use their bike more often. Simply, France (we speak of the territory as a whole, not just big cities) does not pamper its cyclists. They sing in chorus that in places, pedaling is risking your skin.

At Wasquehal, the little assembly has come to an agreement. Ecology touches everything and requires a total revolution, from the economic system to education. At the end of the discussions, the obispo look-alike evoked global warming, in the "The average Frenchman does not always see what that means". A lady told him that Carcassonne was not so far.

Ramses Kefi



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