Climber Alma Bestvater is still hoping for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo

I.At some point Alma Bestvater felt like a roller coaster. It went up and down, both of which involved intense feelings, and she had almost no influence on either. The wild ride had started on March 1st. Alma Bestvater injured her elbow in an internal competition. Suspected internal ligament rupture. The diagnosis was confirmed, the fear came true – an operation was necessary. At the latest, it was clear for the climber Alma Bestvater: it would be nothing with her dream of Olympia. At least not at the Olympic premiere of the climbers at the games in Tokyo. Because the last chance to qualify, the European Championship in Moscow, was scheduled for the end of March.

Bernd Steinle

Editor in the department “Germany and the world“.

It was a big blow to Alma Bestvater. “I was very busy that I could not be good enough to qualify in Moscow,” says the 24-year-old German champion. “But I never thought that it could happen that I couldn’t even start. That I wouldn’t have a chance to fight for it anymore. “

It was only a week before there was new hope. The climbing EM in Moscow was postponed due to the corona crisis. First for an indefinite period, then for a new date: in June. The next disappointment. “That would certainly not have been enough for me.” In the meantime, the Olympic Games themselves have been postponed by a year; the continental title fights in Moscow are now to take place in October. As of now. That would mean: Alma Bestvater would be back in the game. “I could just do it that way until I reach the sporting level again.”

It was a difficult week after the injury for the Weimar native, and at times there was total standstill. “I still wrote all the exams at the end of February,” says the sports science student who moved to Munich two years ago. “Then the injury happened. Then there was the lockdown. Everything that I had previously dealt with suddenly stopped working. ”Then she started doing stretching and yoga again. Recently, since training halls and the Olympic base in Munich are open again, she has started climbing again. It will probably take another two months before she can fully load the arm again, for example when jumping. But it could be enough for a last attempt towards the Olympics.


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