Clip of Revva with Galustyan watched 10 million on YouTube – video


The newborn clip of Arthur Pirozhkov – Alexander Revva – for the song "She decided to give up" in the two weeks after the premiere gained more than 10 million views. The video tells a touching love story of Aladdin and the princess, and Galustyan helped them.

According to the plot of the clip, in the desert Aladdin and the monkey Abu die of hunger. They support each other as much as possible and mold tasty from sand, but sand cannot be saturated and thirst quenched. Under a layer of sand, Revva finds an old lamp with an erased inscription.

When he rubbed the lamp, a genie popped out of it in a cloud of blue smoke, very similar to Mikhail Galustyan. He fulfilled three wishes of Pirozhkov and Abu: he presented a carpet-plane, a bunch of bananas, and as a result, Aladdin became an equal princess played by Natalia Gorojanova. The clip ends on a life-affirming note. "Happy End," read the credits at the end of the video.

“In a couple of weeks, the video clip # she decided to surrender scored 10 million views! Thanks to everyone who liked the song of Anton Pustovoy – by the way, of the very author [song] “The color of the mood is blue”, ”Revva wrote on Instagram.



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