Close friend (34) dead, that’s how superstar Ronaldo mourns – football

Bereavement in the circle of friends! Cristiano Ronaldo speaks up with a moving post. He assures an ex-colleague of his help.

In moments like this, even Cristiano Ronaldo forgets his great passion. “Everything then takes a back seat, including football,” the Portuguese writes on Instagram. The reason for his posting couldn’t be sadder.

Ronaldo speaks up to express his condolences to his former teammate Jose Semedo. His wife Soraia Semedo passed away last week. She was only 34 years old.

This photo shows the deceased in the foreground eating with her husband, Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, as well as Ronaldo’s son Cristiano jr.

Ronaldo says he lost “one of the best friends” with Soraia who gave him his life. “Nothing can alleviate the pain of my brother Jose and the whole family, but we will stand together today as always to overcome this difficult time.”

The young woman died surprisingly as a result of an infectious disease, as reported in the media from England. Semedo and Ronaldo played together at Sporting Lisbon when they were young. The contact never broke off. They remained close friends. Now the superstar suffers with his “brother”, as he calls the widower.

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