closed beta gives us clues as to which will be, for now, the favorite heroes in the new Blizzard shooter

On May 17, the closed beta of Overwatch 2, shooter which is still in the development phase. In this first process, the players tasted a bit of what is to come soon, which has allowed Blizzard to collect some relevant data about the game, such as the heroes most used by the community.

Of the characters available in the beta of Overwatch 2, Sojourn was the most used by the gamers, peaking at 80% usage for the entire amount of time available, meaning this new character was almost always in play, though as the days went on, it was used much less. The graphic (below) explains that its constant use was due to the fact that this hero debuted alongside the game’s beta.

Of the characters that saw changes compared to the first title, the order of use was Orisa first, then Doomfist, Bastion, and Sombra. And following the line of use with old characters that did not receive modifications in their characteristics, we find Ana, a character support or support, which was one of the most used throughout the beta, which highlights its importance for the competitive and will continue as one of the favorites.

Overwatch 2 Its Closed Beta Gives Us Clues Of Which Will Be The Favorite Heroes For The Moment In The New Blizzard Shooter 2

This was the performance of the characters available in the Overwatch 2 beta

Blizzard revealed that the new characters will have a much lower win rate than their peers from the first game.this due to the learning process that the players will have to face.

Another element that the company highlights is the patch released on May 5, which affected the development of the closed beta, because several characters underwent changes: Zenyatta increased the power of her base shields from 150 to 175 and also increased her victories in 5%; while Soldier 76, who had his rifle damage decreased from 20 to 18, had his win count decreased to just 6%.

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“Coming soon. Save the date for an event of #Overwatch2 on June 16, where we’ll share our plan for the coming months, including the next multiplayer beta!”

With all the changes that Blizzard keeps making before the final version releases, these stats could change, as when a hero changes their stats, the metagame varies and that causes the modification of other elements. So, we must be attentive to next June 16, when Overwatch 2 next beta report or official release dateto find out if Sojourn and Ana will continue to be the most used characters.