Clouange. Stolen vehicle’s GPS tracker guides police to thieves

Of the three defendants, only one made attendance this Tuesday, November 23, at the judicial court of Thionville. The words of the “leader”, of Croatian nationality, are translated by an interpreter. In the end, his testimony at the bar will provide little more details than those gathered during police custody of the suspects.

On August 27, the police were called after a break-in at a heating engineer in Clouange, victim of thugs who stole a service van, tools, fuel and cables from him.

“Chance” for the victims: the vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracker. Enough to facilitate the work of investigators who were able to trace the route of the thieves to their home in Moyeuvre-Grande. Then comes the time for searches, especially in a garage where the fruit of their trip is stored. In the house, the fishing is not bad either: a 22 long rifle rifle sits above a cabinet, and several parrots of dubious origin attract attention. We will learn in the procedure that the van was destroyed in Neufchef.

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The leader, the sidekick and the receiver

The amount of the damage could not be fully estimated by the civil parties, which will be set on February 14 during the hearing for the reference on civil interests. The defendants were convicted on the day of their trial. The receiver receives a four-month suspended sentence. The sidekick of twelve months in prison, with the definitive ban on setting foot on French territory. Eighteen months in prison, nine of which were suspended, against the leader, who was also permanently banned from French territory. His sentence cannot be adjusted because of his administrative situation.