Cloud Hegenbarth is criticized by fans for photo with a naked son

With a photo of herself and her son, Wolke Hegenbarth just wanted to wish her fans on Instagram a nice weekend. However, there was a lot of criticism from her followers.

Photo series with 23 pictures

“Happy weekend everyone,” wrote Wolke Hegenbarth to a snapshot on Instagram on Saturday. The picture shows the actress in a small pool, holding her almost two-year-old son Avi in ​​her arms. She wears a bikini herself, but the little boy wears nothing – except for his cap and chain.

“Naked boy in the net doesn’t have to be”

While a few of her more than 150,000 followers find the photo “cute”, “beautiful” and “golden”, the other followers are appalled. “Naked boy on the net doesn’t really have to be”, commented one user on the snapshot, for example. “Nice summer photo. But that really has no place on the net, with your naked child,” said someone else.

Another user wrote: “I don’t understand how one can post such pictures repeatedly, although it is widely known that these pictures are misused for pedophile purposes.” Children are dependent on the protection of their parents. “You have no choice in the publication of these pictures to contradict, you must not take advantage of it. I also follow and never tire of reporting these pictures – for the child!”

Every fourth picture comes from social media

Her fans’ concerns are not unfounded. In fact, it is mostly harmless everyday photos of children posted by parents on social media that land on child pornography sites. As the research team of the ARD political magazine “Panorama” found out, at least one in four pictures on one of the largest illegal photo platforms for pedosexuals was originally from Facebook or Instagram.

Amira and Oliver Pocher in particular repeatedly point out that children should not be shown online. The couple stick to it. Not even the names of her two boys are known.

The privacy of their son, who was born in September 2019, is also usually important to Wolke Hegenbarth. For example, the actress does not show the little one’s face. The actress has not yet responded to the comments of her followers.