Cloud service STACK stops with free 1 TB storage after data loss during incidents | NOW

The Dutch cloud service STACK is discontinuing its package that gives users 1 TB of storage space for free. Customers can download their saved files and then delete the data or switch to the paid version.

The decision follows two incidents in which data of non-paying STACK users has been lost, reports TransIP, the company behind the storage service. Unlike the paid version, the free option is not backed up.

People who have not used their STACK account for at least a year have until November 24 to log in to download the data within three months. If they do not, the data will be deleted on that day.

Users who have used STACK in the past year do not necessarily have to log in within two weeks, but also have three months to download their data, unless they switch to the paid version of the storage service.

The data of accounts without a subscription will be deleted in the week of February 8, TransIP announced in an email to customers. TransIP is currently not accepting new STACK customers, but only upgrades existing customers. They can choose 250 GB, 1,000 GB or 2,000 GB of storage space.



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