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Cloud Sync "Error synchronizing cloud storage data" Fix

Sometimes when playing the game, an Apex Legends Cloud Sync issue will display with the error "Sync cloud data sync error" in the PC version of the game. Read how to fix the problem.

Apex Legends was only launched earlier this week, so the game is still in its infancy. So there are still some mistakes. Respawn Entertainment has promised immediate support and updates, which should be assessed regularly based on their history.

What is the reason for the Apex Legends Cloud Sync issue?

The Apex Legends Cloud Sync issue is very annoying as it slows down the game, introduces delays, lengthens loading times, and throws the player out of the game due to high latency. The problem is because the client can not properly synchronize backup files and other data with the cloud servers.

Resolving the Apex Legends Cloud Sync Problem "Cloud Storage Data Synchronization Error"

To solve this, you just need to disable Cloud Sync to make sure all our data is stored locally and easily accessible. Do not worry because nothing is important to the backed-up data and you will not lose any progress if you lose the files because the player data is stored on the server side.

Complete the following steps to disable Cloud Sync:

  • Open the EA Origin client
  • Tab on the Origin tab in the top menu
  • Now click on "Application Settings".
  • On the "Installed and Saved" tab, click the "On" button next to "Save."

If you disable online storage, you will solve the Apex Legends Cloud Sync issue.

You are welcome to ask us in the comments if you have other questions or problems. We try our best to solve them.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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